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About Me

Hi, I'm Mary-Ann Troskie. I am a freelance artist (oil paintings). My Art Gallery is located in Schweizer-Reneke NW South Africa. The media I work in are oils, watercolors and drawings. My subjects include children, landscapes, portraits and florals.

I Recently Took Up Photography As A Hobby. I purchased my very first camera. A NIKON D5600 has been my go-to camera ever since and I've soon fallen in love with photography, practicing my skills on a daily basis.

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My Photoshoot Portfolio

mary-ann's photography portfolio
kayla photoshoot 2020-04-08
kayla photoshoot by mary-ann photography
kayla photoshoot 2020-04-08
kayla photoshoot bloemhof
kayla photoshoot bloemhof dam 2020-04-08
kayla photoshoot bloemhof dam
mary-ann's photography Boetie photoshoot
Boetie photoshoot 2019-11-08
boetie photoshoot by mary-ann photography
boetie photoshoot 2019-11-08
Mary-Ann photoshoot 2019
Mary-Ann photoshoot 2019-11-08
Mary-Ann photoshoot matriek 2019

My Photography Portfolio

mary-ann's photography portfolio
sunrise picture
pumphouse by mary-ann photography
sunrise image
allo plant image
shaddow on bluegum tree
stairs photo
allow in bloom img
dusk image
mary-ann photography bush in bloom

My Art Portfolio

mary-ann's artist porfolio
girl with VW
mary-ann's art porfolio
landscape painting
landscape oil art
landscape painting
landscape oil painting
landscape art
landscape art porfolio
flower art
 mosaik art porfolio
abstract art
Phone :

+27 72 766 4300